Active Networking Solution

Innovative LAN switching can be used to protect your investment and prepare for the future as your business grows.”

Local network (LAN) switches form the core for all the networks which provide high-speed connectivity and communication systems. Apart from efficiently and securely transmitting data, networks should also support new services, be in sync with evolving traffic patterns and ensure optimization of performance of applications.

From core to edge, a good Network Switch provides performance, high availability, comprehensive security, delivery optimization, and enhanced manageability which helps an organization in optimizing their network infrastructure.

The wired network is the foundation of any network and needs to offer resilience, ease of management and high up times.

A network that you can rely on is no accident – it is delivered with a well thought out design.

Typical network consultancy and contracting services we offer:

  • Network architecture
  • Research and development of new services and technology installations
  • Network design
  • Fault finding network issues
  • IP address designs, VRF, VLAN designs


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