• Anyone who enjoys the deep white stuff knows that Mammoth ski resort is a special place, but did you know there is a very close crew of splitboarders who enjoy the back country around Mamoth and the Sierras? Keep an eye out f or these guys, they are using our custom manufactured splitboards and ripping it up! Check out some photos/reviews from one of these guys!
  • We are now selling Splitboard Wax exclusively through The Splitboard Shop, check it out!
  • We are now a One Ball Jay dealer! Contact us of all your waxing needs and/or One Ball Jay schwag!
  • We are now carrying Genuine Guide Gear, G3, products!
  • If you spend any time in the Utah back country you have probably ran into the two brothers, Mike and Matt. These guys keep coming back for more boards to be split, 4 total; 1 Ride Timeless 161 and 3 Salomon 450 159's. Someday I will get a review out of them, but with 4 splitboards converted by us that speaks for itself!
  • We have created some Mountain and Terrain Technologies stickers and will be sending them with new orders. Want to get your hands on some? Drop us an email.
  • Friends don't let friends make a Never Summer T5 Premier splitboard. Why? Have a look.
  • Oh Canada we love you Too! Check out a Flow Elation splitboard headed to Alberta.
  • Our first customer ouside of the USA has commited to a splitboard, another Ride Yukon. This time we created a custom shim, to go under the toe clip, because of the 3D profiled core. Check out the customers' comments page for their splitboard review. Go Southern Hemisphere!
  • Want better support on hard pack or resort riding with your long splitboard? Have another set of yin-yang split hooks installed in the middle of your board. More information can be found here.
  • Have questions about our splitboard construction? Check out our splitboard FAQ where we answer the questions most frequently asked.
  • Another satisfied Colorado customer sends pictures and video!
  • Testimonials website is updated with new and returning customer comments! Check back often!
  • Great Voile gear pricing! Contact us.
  • Our friends at Voile have posted a few words about us on their website, check it out!
  • Added weather link to the current weather at M n' T Technologies.
  • Performed an experimental "S" cut for Burton splitboard.
  • We are now installing optional rotating puck system on splitboards.









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