Passive Networking Solution

Structured Cabling has become quite common for inter-connecting the various active devices in an IP network.

The process of planning designing and building a structure is a daunting prospect that can be overwhelming if not properly managed and divided into appropriately sequenced efforts within the spectrum of difficulty of building site selection, planning, design, and construction. Data centers ranked near the top along with large industrial and manufacturing facilities and hospitals.  Data centers employ very complex mechanical-electrical fire detection and suppression, security, communication, and control systems. All of which must be designed, constructed, commissioned, and maintained properly to function in their intended manners.

Structured cabling has become the fundamental element for almost all industries because of they offer many advantages including:

  • Exceptionally high Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Simplified movements, add-ons and changes to the configuration.
  • High on Quality & Low on Maintenance Cost.
  • 25 years warranty.

Capability to handle IP Convergence, video streaming and other multimedia applications.

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