Custom Splitboard Assembly

You provide your board, and we do the rest. Have your snowboard transformed into a splitboard for back country travel. We take the Voile split kit, add some upgraded hardware, perform the install and repair/tune the snowboard. Check out the splitboard customer satisfaction page for testimonials and photos.

  • We have experience in splitboard conversion.
  • We use a custom made jig for splitting the board on a table saw instead of using a circular saw by hand.
  • We use upgraded stainless steel hardware.
  • We provide base fill/repair of installation holes.

Check out the upgrades we provide!

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Mail Order Ski/Snowboard Repair/Tune

We offer mail order repair/tune of your skis or snowboards. We have all the tools, in house, to perform all types of repairs. We use only earth friendly waxes from One Ball Jay.

  • We have many years of experience in repairing and tuning.
  • All tunes are done by hand, no base or stone grinding machines. These machines remove unnecessary base material and should be done only once at the beginning of the season, if at all.
  • We have all the necessary tools in house and use the latest base repair materials for better bonding to metals and other materials.
  • We use earth friendly waxes and chemicals.
  • All repairs/tunes are performed by hand giving you the special touch to be race ready.
  • We formulate customized waxes for specific snow types and temperatures.

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This Includes: Splitting the board and installing Voile hardware (this price does NOT include the split kit and must be purchased or provided) with our upgrades, performing an advanced tune (base weld and repair of all damages, edge sharpen/burr repair and a hot wax with your choice of temperature specific wax), and shipping back to you. We only ask that you pay to have your board shipped to us. We can sell you the split kit or you can supply your own.

We are now an official Voile and G3 distributor!

We now install adjustable stance angle pucks just like the factory split snowboards! Ask about pricing.

Contact us for pricing and current sales on all Voile and G3 products.



Basic Tune w/minor Base Repair $35

Advanced Tune $70

Basic Tune: Includes edge sharpen, minor base repair (small dents, nicks, scrapes shorter than 6 inches; only minor p-tex, no base welding or filling), and a hotwax with your choice of temperature specific wax.

Advanced Tune: Includes everything specified in the basic tune, with upgrades to the specifics (edge burr/gouge repair and 2 major base repairs).

Additional Major Base Repairs: $7

Delamination Repair: $10 Minimum

Sidewall Repair: $10 Minimum

Edge Repair: $15 Minimum

A major base repair is determined as a hole or gouge created from a drag or puncture which is dime sized or bigger and whose depth is greater than a dime.

We recommend all skis/boards have photos taken of the bases with a dime laid on the base as a reference before you ship to us.

We take photos of all skis/boards upon arrival and after repair for posting on our testimonials page.