Active LED and Signage Solutions over IP

Our experienced experts assist you in selecting the ideal equipment of the highest quality for your project. It will ensure to meet your expectations of your vision for digital signage.


Active LED video walls

Our comprehensive experience of top-quality video wall solutions covers much different technology, sizes, and resolutions. Our LCD and LED solutions are seamless ultra-fine pitch direct view LED video walls, or the most negligible LCD bezels, with the most compact installation depths. Our LED video wall displays offer outstanding picture quality and top-of-the-line energy efficiency. Our video walls offer outstanding visual performance and 24×7 security. We’re a pioneer in LED, LCD, and LED-illuminated rear-projection wall solutions. They are explicitly designed to provide clear and stunning visual messages in the most demanding settings, from the control room to signs or architectural uses.


Simple Deployment


High-Quality Transmission in Real Time


Ease of Management


Lower Cost


One Time Setup


Multiple benefits of networked digital signage

In MNT Technology, it’s easy to create dynamic and exciting video walls that offer extraordinary visual experiences. Get the benefit of unrivalled visual display technology and the expertise of engineers to implement the most sophisticated system of video walls.

Active LED and Signage Solutions

Easy Management

MNT Technologies provides best Digital signage that has been improved to allow publishing, creating and managing content fast and simple, typically using a centralized platform.

Increased exposure

Our high quality digital signage can help in high traffic, You can reach an infinite audience instead of printed runs or email lists. It is also possible to display more messages frequently, pick the time & where they are displayed, and increase the saturation of your message.

Remote Health Monitoring With Vigilant-IoT™ Technology

Our intelligent diagnostic technology detects and displays the actual condition of the display components used in crucial applications: monitor pixel failure and cabinet temperature, voltage, humidity and fan speed from your comfortable control area.

Seamless Visual Experience

From static screens to moving images to large-scale wall displays, We specialize in creating such visual experiences to complement your IT environment and seamlessly blend in with your restaurant, shop or hotel’s design.

video wall led

Types Of LED Displays

Indoor LED Video Walls

The variety of applications of indoor LED wall solutions is ever-growing. Clients are using them to increase revenue and logistics, visual merchandising and branding, lyric screens and more. Our extensive selection of indoor LED video wall panels enables us to bring even the most innovative concepts to reality. We can help you by providing traditional LED walls and aerial designs, 360-degree seamless displays and LED floors and ceilings.

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Outdoor LED Video Walls

The outdoor LED walls can be a part of a whole building or used in a more traditional billboard design. Our LED video walls for outdoor use can be used beyond marketing, for example, as focal points to encourage participation in the community in apartments or amphitheaters. We have exterior LED wall solutions designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

Fine Pitch LED Display

Believing in the beauty of precision, we are a promising Indian Brand advancing towards transformation and constant innovation. The latest fine pitch technology brings the pixels closer to delivers utmost clarity and superiority while displaying any content. The richness of the content is crystal clear due to the optimum contrast, brightness, colors and grey scale technology of the display.



Case Studies

LED implementation

Applications – Fine Pitch LED Video Wall, Entrance LED Display, Cylindrical LED Screen, LED Ticker
Pixel Pitch – P4, P10
City – Mumbai

Bombay Stock Exchange has trusted Xtreme Media since the beginning with their transformation. The idea was to enhance the visitor’s experience along with providing stock data in the simplest and most understandable way on a real-time basis.

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