Potential of Digital Entertainment Solutions

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Home Theater and Multiroom Audio Solutions

These days, staying at home and entertaining your family is becoming more and more desirable and having a home theater is just the way to do that! We LOVE designing and installing home theaters, so here are ten benefits to having your own dedicated home theater.

Multiroom audio can completely transform the way you experience music in your smart home. Instead of limiting yourself to one room or having to wear earbuds and carry your smartphone around with you, multiroom audio allows you to hear the music wherever you go with a crisp, clear sound from high-end speakers.


Take your video games or movie experience to a new level


Use any room for a home theater


Sound and acoustics are how they should be


Effortless control & Anywhere sound


Expertly installed speakers

multiroom audio video

Home Theater Solutions

 Stereo sound is simply a left and a right speaker placed in front of you. Imagine a performance stage, with the audio coming directly toward the viewer or listener. For the most adequate sound experience, you’d want to be seated at equal distances between both speakers.

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Multiroom Audio Video Solutions

 Frangioni Media is a world-class professional installer in Miami, FL and throughout the world, but before we talk about how we can help bring the luxury of multiroom audio to your home, let’s uncover some of its most significant benefits.

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