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The ELV System for Buildings refers to the Buildings stands for Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) extra-low voltage System used in commercial and residential buildings to ensure excellent management and protection. The extra-low voltage (ELV) refers to an electrical supply voltage in the range with a shallow risk of electrical shock.


Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems

ELV is an acronym for the acronym Extra Low Voltage Systems. It covers all the equipment in the building that runs at low voltages. ELV & Security systems allow you to maintain complete control of your property regardless of residential, commercial, institutional, or private. We at Apps Tech offer high-end, intelligent, and affordable ELV solutions for Iraq and the entire MENA region, so our customers do not have problems using our electronic devices.

To provide customers with more efficient service, Apps Tech walks the steps of Great Partnership, Constant Hard Work, and stable Professionalism while delivering high-quality and creative ELV solutions for Iraq and the entire MENA region. Our experienced team offers various options for the implementation and management of projects that have extensive experience in the supply of the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of various ELV as well as security solutions from one company to another.


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ELV & Security Solutions

Our experience allows us to satisfy the client’s requirements across a range of industries, from a single projector to a small CCTV system that includes a command center, to a sound system and public-announcement systems. In addition to security systems for CCTV as well as SMATV security systems for access, We offer a wide selection of physical security solutions that include Video Surveillance System with integrated Video Analytics Access Control, Access Control and a Time and Attendance System designed to guard personnel, facilities, equipment and property from damages or harm. It is designed to protect your assets and everyday activities.

CCTV Surveilliance
Fire Alarm System Solution
biometric system

CCTV Surveillance

Anywhere you go, wherever you go, you’ll be able to view what your cameras are seeing. It will secure your property as well as any area you choose. You can also snap pictures and then record the footage. These powerful LEDs can let you be as clear at night as you do in the daytime. This means you can enjoy HD clarity even in total darkness. Additionally, the built-in microphone will make you more than just simply a viewer. It offers 90/105 degree viewing angle for a broad view.


Fire Detection System

Systems for detecting fires are developed to catch fires before their growth when enough time remains for the safe evacuation of the occupants. The early detection of fires also can play a significant role in ensuring the security of emergency personnel. The loss of property can be minimized, and the time required to complete the task is reduced due to early detection as the efforts to control the fire are initiated while the fire is not yet extensive.

Access Control System

Access control focuses on granting access to employees and personnel to an area, e.g. into a building or office. With access control, employees, guests and executives, freelancers, or employees are able to easily and safely gain access.

In contrast to the open-access model, control of access gives security and control as well as convenience to keep your business operating safely.


Public Address System

Public address systems (PA system) is an electronic sound amplifier and distribution system that includes an amplifier, microphone, and loudspeakers. It is used to permit a person to address an entire crowd such as for announcements about the movement of people at noisy and large rail and air terminals.


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