Smart Home Solutions

MNT Technologies provides client complete security surrounding for home and family members. It will bring your desire to stay in a house where everything works with all facilities and comfort. Such a stylish gadgets that also save power.


‘Home Automation’, ‘Smart Living’, ‘Smart Home’, ‘the Future Home’… ?

Technology has enabled us to automate numerous aspects in business. Now, we can enjoy that within the four walls of our homes. Technology is allowing homeowners to run, manage and monitor their homes through their smart phones. Such homes are known as automated or smart homes. Let us look at some benefits of automating your home:


Appliance safety and lighting control


Adjust temperature & saves time


Convenience and cost efficiency


Contributes to economy & be worry-free


Keep a check on your children anywhere, anytime

smart home solutions

Live in the Future

  • Control Everything at Your Fingertips
    Turn on your lights, play your favourite music or change your room temperature, at the tap of your smartphone.


  • Run Personalized Schedules
    Have your coffee ready when you wake up. Automatically turn everything off when you leave for work. Experience true intelligence. Ordering groceries to solving a math problem.


  •  Talk to Your Home or Make it Talk
    Simply talk to your virtual voice assistant, and ask it to do anything for you– be it ordering groceries to solving a math problem.


We Integrate the Best Home Automation Experience.

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