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We’ll help you choose from the finest home theatre products in the world to match your preferences — and your budget.


Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data

When you think of home theaters system setup, you are count on surrounding audio sound, High Fidelity, acoustic design, quality of display, room lightenings and much more. You will experience the new way of watching like movie theater. Experience your dream with MNT Info Vision.


Cinematic Delight for Your Eyes


Pixel-perfect Visual Details


Perfect Acoustic Ambience


Robust Surround Sound


Feel Like Going to Cinema at Home

Living Room in the Morning, Theatre at Night.

Sit with a tub of popcorn carefree, and stream any movie of your choice; your home-cinema for the unmatchable experience! With a press of a button, turn the room into a home cinema – the projector gearing up, lights dimming away, and the movie ready to be played. Store millions of movies or the episodes to your favourite series to the media server for uninterrupted entertainment. If this isn’t luxury, what is?

The Latest Technology and Room Calibration

​We use the most latest technology that has been tested and proven in house in our installations. We delivery systems that performs and delivers on expectations, from the latest projectors, AC Receivers and HD projection screen to speaker systems for most excellent performance and value for money. 

Comfortable Seating

The pavilion offers a wide variety of high quality, customized seating to suit your rooms style and comfort. Regardless of your home cinema seating requirements or room dimensions, we can provide options that will deliver the comfort, style and robustness you require.

Pavilion Solution & Support

When done, we program everything so it’s easy to utilize. What’s more, we don’t leave until you can work everything in your home performance center easily. A few taps — and you can enjoy play your favorite shows and enjoy with friends and family. Pavilion known for great customer service once after complete installation.

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