OT Room Solutions

The Operation Theatre Rooms are equipped with cutting edge technologies and we provide the next generation AV solutions required for it.


Application of AV in OT Rooms Solution is as follows:

  • To Show what’s going inside the Operation theatre to the relatives of the Patient sitting in Waiting Area or in the Lobby near Audio Video System is required.
  • This System is capable enough to take the HDMI/DVI feed from the Endoscopy or any OT room Hardware to be incorporated and can be shared Live on the Outside OT Room Display.
  • This system should be flexible enough that it can be used for Telemedicine Purpose.
  • Doctor can also be able to select the feed which is going outside the OT Room by previewing the feed inside OT Room.
  • Admin Manager can also able to select which Live Feed need to be shared using tablet or any PC .He can actually select feed from any OT room to be showed on any display / Monitor outside OT Room.

Bringing unexpected benefits


The rationale for recording medical procedures


Promoting medical training


Gaining access to remote expertise


Precise Visuals


Why Hospital heed good Audio Visual Integration?

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OT Room Solutions in Ahmedabad

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