Meeting & Presentation Solutions

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Meeting & Presentation Systems

Productivity in meetings often depends upon the ability to interact intuitively with stakeholders and share various types of information with ease.

Actis creates specialised rooms and environments that enhance the quality of team interactions by providing excellent audio/video clarity, convenient presenter control and simplified sharing of information in any format. These rooms are integrated with the latest in AV, UC, Video, Control and Lighting technologies to improve interactions in meetings.


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Boardrooms & Conference Rooms

Well designed and integrated boardrooms enhance meetings whether they are in WFH, in-office or hybrid scenarios. They bring varied business benefits like improved team alignment, smoother client interactions and reduced corporate travel costs.

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Huddle Rooms

As organisations extend the reach of new collaboration tools to more teams, more affordable meeting spaces are required. Actis builds Huddle rooms that help optimise space usage, improve team flexibility and can provide video or UC capability on a budget.

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Multi-Purpose Rooms

These are versatile and flexible spaces which can quickly be adapted for varied collaborative events and audience sizes. They can be split into separate video conferencing and training spaces or combined into one large town hall venue.

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Interactive Training Rooms

We create specialised training and learning spaces which help institutions and faculty leverage the latest interactive learning technology to streamline learning delivery and enhance the experience for participants.

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Hybrid Collaboration Rooms

These are flexible spaces which can address the challenges and opportunities of the hybrid work world. Teams can stay connected from almost anywhere and seamlessly switch between diverse environments.

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Executive Briefing Centres

We design these rooms to make diverse types of information accessible and enable better decision making. High-quality business data from varied sources can be conveniently provided to senior executives.

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