Lighting Control System

Smart lighting brings elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your whole home.


Lighting Control System

Lighting controls has been our core forte right from our inception and the function lies at the centre of our offering. This could further be split it into 5 tasks viz. Control, Regulate, Schedule, Monitor and Conservation.

We can help you to control and manage your lights, fan and other electrical devices smartly by means of a mechanical/ digital switch, remote control, or Smartphone/ tablet application which can be used locally or remotely from anywhere across the globe.

Regulation essentially means varying the intensity of lights to suit your mood, decor and create a soothing ambience. This further helps our clients to create user defined scenes and moods to manage a group of lights in a room or the entire house according to the occasion.


Program the lights to shut off automatically


Make your home sophisticated


Have the lights in the house turn on automatically


Illuminate the hallway lights automatically


Use motion sensors


Smart Home Technologies

There are many smart devices available today—TVs, thermostats,
door locks, even light bulbs that you can control with apps on
your smartphone. We orchestrate almost every of your
favorite connected devices, connecting all the apps and solutions
work together seamlessly. And that, is when your home truly
becomes smart.

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